Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine Vinyl projects

I am finishing up my Valentine projects this weekend and I wanted to share with you a few of my Dollar Tree bargains.  I purchased these stuffed lady bugs for my grandchildren in Atlanta.  I added their names and date in vinyl and it was very easy to do.  

When I size items for lettering, I usually create a pre-sized shape so I know that it will fit perfectly.  In this case, the rectangle is 2.5" x .6" and the names and dates were sized to fit the box.

Even though it may not appear as if the lettering fits in the rectangle, they actually do fit.  I made sure to MIRROR the image horizontally and then >SAVE2CUT and saved them in the Silhouette format.

In this software, you must be sure to select the CUT option and the Heat Transfer vinyl options and set the blade according to the directions in the SAVE2CUT print out.  Be sure to do a test cut to make sure that the machine cuts the vinyl with a "kiss cut".

These were so quick and easy and I am glad that I went to the Dollar Store right after Christmas because there was not ONE in the store today! Their box was shipped today and should arrive on Monday!  

I hope your grandkids/kids have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

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