Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Threads and Vinyl - A Perfect Match!

Recently I was playing with the Patchwerkz Sewing Edition design collection by Hope Yoder.  I was really stumped with some creative ways to use this collection so I asked for help on Hope Yoder's facebook page.  I received several suggestions which helped jump start my creativity.

Sewing badges today are the rage but I was struggling with how I could use them.  My first instinct, of course was to add them to a project, but I wanted something a bit different.  I love these types of collections because they have both the embroidery files AND the SVG files.  A perfect match for me.

To embroider the patches, I first hooped two layers of Floriani No Show Mesh.  I followed the machine prompts and stitched them out.  I was able to fit 3 of them in my medium hoop. Yes, one is missing-you still can count! :)

I ironed Press and Bond by Floriani to the back of the badges and then  
used my Heat Craft tool  to remove them from the mesh.  I used a glass tile so as to not burn any surfaces.  *Hint* do this step quickly so you don't burn the threads....

I dug into my stash of canvas bags and found the perfect match for my idea.  I wanted a 'recycle' shopping bag for my favorite sewing store that I could leave in my car.

arranged the badges on my canvas bag and then ironed them onto the pocket from the back side. I used a press cloth to eliminate any risk of melting my bag. A teflon sheet works just as well.  Floriani Press and Bond is perfect for adding embroidery designs to bags and many other projects that are difficult to hoop.  Here is a link to additional Press and Bond information, you may find useful. Don't forget this product is perfect for Girl and Boy Scout badges, patches from events and more.

My bag lacked some pizzazz so I decided to embroider the name onto the bag. I scanned the bag into the Premier + software using the Background Wizard.  I played with the lettering until I was happy with the results.  This was so much easier with the scanned image in the background along with the visual of the Pfaff 180 x 130 Metal hoop to help me visualize how the stitching would look.

Embroidering bags is definitely a challenge with a single needle machine!  But with the correct stabilizer (Perfect Stick) and the metal hoop, it was not impossible!

*Warning* - 'babysit' your machine to make sure she does not go crazy!  You know what I mean.....

TaDa!  Here is my finished bag.  My machine sewed out the design like a trooper.  For all of my lettering projects, I always use the same thread in the needle as well as the bobbin. This eliminates some of the tension issues that may come up.

I have a few more ideas, but that is another day and post.  I hope you ave have been inspired to and give some of my ideas a try. 

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