Monday, May 15, 2017

Transferring Your SVG Designs to A Silhouette Cameo cutter

Since I own a Silhouette Cameo 2, I will use this machine in my blog posts.  If you have a Brother Scan n Cut machine or any other machine, you will have to interpret my information for your personal machine.

In order to read SVG files in the Silhouette software, you must have the Designer Edition software.  I understand there are other programs, but I am not aware of which ones they are.  If you do not have the Designer Edition software but the basic software that came with your machine, you need to save the files as a dxf file in the Craft n Cut software.

The first step that I follow is to open up both the Designer Edition software and the file folder where I saved my SVG designs.  I place them side by side and drag the files onto my mat in the Silhouette software.

Once they are on the mat, you must make sure that they are a Cut file that the machine can read.  In order to do that,  Select All and right click> Make Compound File or I select the Cut in the selection pane on the right.

I then saved the file in the Studio 3 format after selecting the vinyl options.  In my next post, I will demonstrate how I cut the vinyl and adhere it to back of the glass cutting board.

Stay tuned....

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