Thursday, May 25, 2017

Vinyl Inspiration with the Patchwerkz collection

For my Silhouette class a few weeks ago, we worked with vinyl and the Vinyl Registrations marks in the Craft N Cut software.  I LOVE this feature as it makes it so easy to align the layers of the design for accurate placement.  Since I seldom cook today - my husband has taken over - SO this cutting board is perfect for me!

There are a few important steps to remember before you cut it out.
*Group the entire design together
*Mirror the design from left to right
*Add the Vinyl Registrations marks

Then SAVE 2 CUT and you will have all of the SVG files you will need for your Silhouette machine, (or whatever digital cutter you will need) including the saved WAF file.

I then open up the Silhouette software (4.0 update has been installed) and I dragged all of the files to my mat and select Cut around the edges and Vinyl for the material.  I cut as many as I can that will fit on the mat.

I then weed the designs and lay them out working from the last layer.  I adhere the vinyl to the BACK of the cutting board and it is for this reason that I mirror the image in the software.

I followed Hope's video on Layering Vinyl but I also like to burnish the design from the back.  I used the Silhouette Transfer Tape and I was pleased in how it held the design together and then released when I was ready to remove it.

I followed basically the same steps with the Hot Mama mug, except I did not MIRROR the image.  As you can see this extra mug is going to be used to store the heat tools so I don't have to worry about burning myself!

If you are having trouble printing and end up with one extra sheet, reduce the bottom margin and you will print only one sheet.

The cutting board is actually going to be used with the Heat Craft tool when i burn out my designs.  Pretty clever, huh?  Lastly I finished stitching both sizes of my Hot Momma Hoop Pads.  I can't wait to give these a try!

I hope you have been inspired as well and use your design collections to the fullest!

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